Unlike other kennels that keep your dog locked up in a cage, we believe your pet is happiest when it can play all day outside with friends!Walks - Copy

  • If your dog is older we have a special fenced in area just for geriatric guests that simply want to sleep under a shade tree or bask in the sun.
  • Younger more active guests can frolic with each other in a separate area designed just for them featuring wading pools, and plenty of dirt to dig in, bury bones, or just run and play!
  • Smaller dogs have a special inside/outside playground just to themselves.
  • Dogs that prefer to be alone, or do not play well with others can stay in outdoor runs all to themselves.

At Pet Paradise there is a choice for every dog!  Located at 64155 N.Highway 97, Bend, Oregon.


  • Turn off at the green sign on Highway 97 the first thing you’ll notice is that Pet Paradise is far more than a kennel for dogs.
  • Pet Paradise is Bend’s finest luxury dog hotel for people who want only the very best for their 4-legged family members!
  • 57 acres of tree and grass covered grounds so beautiful you’ll be tempted to stay there yourself.
  • (Sorry—Pet Paradise is ONLY for dogs.)

Small DogsDOG PACK
Your pet will play all day long in 2 of the largest doggie playgrounds anywhere! Both are one square acre, fully fenced in, complete with shade trees, grass, toys, wading pools, new friends to play with, and endless amounts of dirt to bury bones in!

It’s always YAPPY HOUR at Pet Paradise!
After working up an appetite, dinner is always served in the afternoon followed by a relaxing nap.
Then it’s back out onto the playground for more fun, frolic, and exercise till sunset!
(Dogs that prefer to play alone are given personalized walks, attention, and extra love three times a day.)

We love our nature walks as much as your pets do!
A favorite stop (especially with labs and retrievers) is a visit to our famous RETRIEVER POND.
9 out of 10 dogs agree….
There is nothing more fun than a refreshing dip in the pond before dinner.
(The 10th dog was too busy napping under a tree to participate in the survey…;o)

Our doggie Suites feature comfy “off the floor” beds for the ultimate in comfort in a climate controlled environment.
Each Suite feature special antimicrobial floors and wall coverings, and are completely sanitized and sterilized every day.
(And little dogs love having their own indoor/ outdoor play area away from the larger guests.)
The health and safety of your pet is our business.